postcard from Bangkok

November 15, 2016

Saturn return communique

a  Wally I barely remember

waited tables, made lewd jokes

now makes me smile

ya believed I’d write

the great American screenplay

now an exotica comrade

almost homeless

it’s no comfort

you are still alive – still sending

enigmatic letters with faraway stamps

some things never change

and you?  where’s that jazz CD or

rich wife we’d talk about

while changing out of our whites

in a closet

in the basement of Macy’s




December 16, 2015

whose idea was it

your tongue in my ear

whispering “die”

resurrect me, yes

we were going for a walk

what matchmaker go-between

i felt Pan through my

witch in your mouth kiss

dinner with friends night,

goddess in red flight

deliver me, please





who is david?

April 6, 2014

3 kings

with your name

propositioned me


i thought, you are not

my sun, my moon, my stars

no, my love is beyond the kuiper belt


even a new lover

with the appropriate namescream,

even if he finger fucked me

till i forgot the name,

or sent me sex painting

love poems

and called me lizzy,

the void

how you brushed my heart rose

the space – where you called me witch

and knew my every mystery

please let it be you, love

just saying hello



Dark Moon in Aries )O(

April 9, 2013

i am your Achilles Heel,

your 12th house surprise,

Aradia in the Dark Moon shadows,

your poison, your foxglove

on your six

i am Diana with an order of protection

Kali Maa, trident aimed at your midheaven.

the Dark Mother in her fury and her love,

merciless and spinning,

the Magdalene exorcist,

casting, casting out

overpowering, holding in check, covering you,

falling on you

and I am Tara at the crossroads,

pointing to the exit signs.

So mote it be.







retrograde witch

November 10, 2012

Erzulie’s gift,

a gemini curse reversal

in perfect love

tourmaline knife sliced

6th moon heart cords

Kali cried

a black wax lake

and voodoo dolls

in crevices

i can’t remember

before i let go

but mountains fell

and shoes had names once

for Pomba Gira and  Exu

banishing crescents and basil oil

as I willed it

uncrossing baths chanted

Archangel names

still I saw through

Pomegranite tear stains

scrying bowls and black star trances

you on every plane,

infinity on its side.

Samhain 2012

October 31, 2012

No ritual or elder god

No astral visits or the Morrighan’s wings

Return to me

David Burton, Karen McGruder,

Dana Gordon, Drew Ryan

Your names my cries

In circle tonight

Too many, too young

Pieces of me, memory keepers

Flown home, spirit friends

I lay out a dumb supper, but

I would give my every degree,

My passwords and pentacles

Athame and sword

Just for you to ring my phone tonight

Hekate, comfort me

My foxglove prayer

Persephone, may I know peace,

Loving between the worlds

So mote it be.

my star to yours

June 10, 2012

may La Madama hold you in her arms

and Isis enfold you,

Hathor love you,

until her sistrum wakes you again

Summerland email

from my star to yours

my friend, my love, my sister

Hekate watch over us

Sekhmet guard your journey home

my African Vierge

Alexandrian librarian

Cleopatra wore glasses

when you walked this earth

my breath, your breath

no longer sustainable

Isis forgive me

I wanted one last hug

find me on Sirius or

beyond the seven sisters,

i’ll ring you in the astral


and hope you won’t mind

eclipse 14 sag

June 4, 2012

moon wash

at 13 sag

fivefold strawberry kiss bath

14 release

geminian sacrifice is silence

patchouli, lilac, carnation

anchoring foxglove  hearts,


Aradia stripped

under the trees mother call

ace of cups

unconditional rose quartz cakes

Astarte’s promise

starlove avatar satyr offerings

my staff

summerland lightening bolt

without you god promises

Gaia’s full earth love altar

moon light Great Rite

higher self Anath wades

knee deep libations

as within so without

I fire





April 9, 2012

before the water burst my lungs

before Pan and Astarte

more ancient than the King of the Wild

or the Morrighan’s battle cry

before Taurt’s visit or Solomon’s Circles

or SATOR Squares, or pentacles

crystal eye protected Poseida breathed

akashic me devoted, at peace

before i could no longer hold my breath

angels taught and magicians healed

new avalon

April 8, 2012

Nimue’s guilt

Ragnell’s web

journowitch spirals

The Isle of Apples

Forbidden sage

inside a crystal cave

across the lifetimes promise

ponies, faeries, Land of the Lost

cauldrons, mirrors, psychedelic conjurings

quartz poynte diving

Hermetic, cellular quest

telepathic Avalonian speed of light

love making

Mage meets Priestess

On the Isle of You